Short-sighted Children? Don’t limit their future – Think MiYOSMART!

Managing children’s myopia (short-sightedness) is an important part of our clinical offering at Donner Optometrists.

With every increase in myopia there is an increase in the risk of eye diseases in later life, including retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular disease and cataract. Laser or other treatments available to correct myopia in adulthood do not reduce the risk of disease – a lasered eye is still a structurally myopic eye. As myopia is increasing world-wide due to a mix of environmental and hereditary factors, the incidence of these conditions is also set to rise as these short-sighted children become adults.

Additionally, career choices are more limited for those of us who are short-sighted – many occupations require good uncorrected vision not just good vision with glasses or contact lenses, particularly in the armed forces. 

Treatments such as Misight soft contact lenses can be used to slow down the progression of myopia, and these are available at Donner Optometrists and are a tried and tested option for children happy to wear contact lenses. But until now, contact lenses were the only available treatment option. However we are thrilled to announce that a brand new revolutionary new glasses treatment is now available at Donner Optometrists:  MiYOSMART lenses from HOYA, which use new D.I.M.S technology to help manage the development of myopia. On the lens surface there is a “treatment zone” that consists of hundreds of miniscule ‘lenslets’ in the periphery, which surrounds the visual correction zone allowing totally clear vision. They are clinically proven to be an effective solution to slow down the progression of myopia and are as easy to wear as any pair of children’s glasses. Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiYOSMART is proven to curb myopia progression in children on average by 60%*.

Call us today to book an appointment and start to manage your child’s myopia!


Working From Home – Optimise your vision

Everyone is now aware that working from home (maybe even in your pyjamas!) is set to continue as a choice for many people long after the Covid-19 enforced situation ceases.

Everyone is now aware that working from home (maybe even in your pyjamas!) is set to continue as a choice for many people long after the Covid-19 enforced situation ceases. Without a long commute at the start and end of the day many of us have realised the improved work/life balance that this can bring, even if it is just for part of your working week.  However, home working invariably means online meetings and longer time looking at screens which for some people can lead to not only neck and back issues, but eye comfort or vision issues too.


In our blog this April, we explored ‘eye health tips for home working’ giving valuable advice for home workers. When we wrote that, back in August 2020, investing in specialised glasses for the best and most comfortable vision may have been secondary to investing in your home office with a comfortable chair,  larger screen and suitable desk, to help improve posture. However, you may not realise that your vision can also affect your posture: wearing standard varifocals for prolonged screen use can mean you have to tilt your head by a few degrees to access the best part of the lens for your screen distance – and you may not even realise you are doing this. This can lead to discomfort, neck ache, headaches and loss of concentration, not to mention appearing to look down your nose at your colleagues.


A great solution to these problems are Hoya WorkStyle lenses, which are optimised to give a wide and deep area for viewing your screen at a natural head position. They can also be tailored for your specific needs, whether that be needing an area of distance vision to see far away when required, utilising the mid-range to the back of your desk if your personal ‘work style’ is more immersive or maximising your close work if you work at close ranges a great deal as well as at your screen. The area of clear vision for your screen in these lenses far exceeds that of standard varifocals which are optimised for a mix of tasks including the best distance vision for driving or long distance. Whilst these modern varifocals are great ‘all-rounders’, if much of your waking day is spent looking at a screen it makes sense to treat your eyes to the most comfortable solution for that environment.

Don’t let your face mask hide your personality!

It is well known that first opinions are formed about someone you meet in a matter of seconds – our subconscious uses almost invisible cues to establish an initial impression about someone before they have uttered a single word.

In fact, research in the USA has shown that it takes just a tenth of a second for an impression to be formed simply from looking at someone’s face. You can therefore shape the first impression you make by altering your image, behaviour and movement and one way to do this is to have a think about what kind of image you would like to portray by your choice of eyewear.


We are all coming to realise that the use of facemasks is going to continue to be a part of life for the foreseeable future.  With two-thirds of your face concealed, your glasses make an even more important statement about you than they ever did before. Not only vital for your vision, but now arguably the most important part of your wardrobe especially if your working day means you colleagues now only see you for the neck up on a screen, the old adage regarding representation of yourself that ‘shoes maketh the man’ is seriously out of date….’spectacles maketh the person’ would be more apt for the current time!


Changing your glasses to reflect your mood or to complement the rest of the outfit you are wearing is now commonplace with many people choosing to have several pairs of glasses to pick from day to day. You may prefer a more business like pair for work days with a more colourful choice for days off – or perhaps in your work environment you would like to have a more memorable look by having an avant-garde spectacle frame? It is well worth taking some time to consider this and with our personal shopping style dispensing appointments our team will help you make the best selection.  There are discounts available for second or third pairs and if you want to spread the cost you can pay interest free in up to ten instalments. You can remove your mask to try frames on, and all frames are disinfected before they are returned to the display. You can make an appointment for a dispensing consultation by contacting us on 01372 458318 or at

Itchy eyes? Take action!


Eye rubbing is a familiar part of life for the allergy sufferers among us, but you may not know that persistent eye rubbing can weaken the outer layers of the eye causing life-long problems.

It is vital to treat the itching that leads to eye-rubbing particularly in children whose eyes are still developing and growing, and who may rub at night in their sleep.


Over the counter tablets from the pharmacist are sometimes enough to alleviate the symptoms of hayfever and other allergies but if the itching persists, products from Donner Optometrists including cold compresses like the Eye Doctor compress and lubricants such as Optase Allergy drops can help, as well as gentle cleaners to wipe away allergens that build up in the lashes and around the eyes during the day. Blephasol and Blephaclean are ideal for this.


The hayfever season is starting earlier and earlier due to climate change. Working from home (or the garden, or even the shed in the garden!) has led to increasing symptoms for some people. In addition, there is the complication of Covid-19 infection causing runny eyes and sneezing in some people. Luckily, if an antihistamine resolves the symptoms it is an allergy, not Covid!


If you are having problems with itchy eyes, call us at Donner Optometrists for a consultation which, depending upon your GP surgery, may be a free NHS service. We can give advice can be over the phone through a telemedicine appointment with an Optometrist, or we can examine you face-to-face if required. We can also issue Prescriptions or Prescription Requests for anti-allergy eye drops. You can read our past blog here for further information on this subject.

Welcome to our new staff!

We are delighted to welcome Shirelle Poge and Maria Dovey to our team at Donner Optometrists.

Qualified Optician Shirelle Poge, who has previously worked at Rawlings Opticians, has joined Donner Optometrists to become Practice Manager. Shirelle will continue with Donners ethos of clinical excellence and individualised care, putting her personal touch on ensuring a wide choice of frames is available and of course promoting our extensive range of contact lenses for children and adults.


We would also like to welcome our new Optometrist, Maria Dovey who joined our team at Donner Optometrists recently. Moving jobs during a pandemic takes a leap of faith and we are delighted that the chance of working for a successful independent family-owned business has attracted such a well-qualified professional!


Outside of working hours members of our team usually meet up socially from time to time as well as attending national and international conferences but naturally this is on hold for the moment - although our internal online forums have been red hot! This peer support has organically developed over decades and has always been part of what supports our team of professionals in providing the best possible care through discussion and peer review of clinical and technical challenges. However we do hope normal out of hours activities can be resumed in the not too distant future so that our new staff can join the fun and share knowledge and experience with their colleagues.