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David Donner, BSc MBCO | Optometrist


The Team //

Anne Williamson | Optometrist


Jackie Alexander | Optometrist

Laura Vaughan-Davies | Dispensing Optician


Katherine Digby | Receptionist

Wendy Taylerson | Receptionist

Amanda Smith FBDO | Dispensing Optician

Amanda is one of our team of Dispensing Opticians.  She has been qualified for more years than she cares to remember.  Her background includes work in many of the major teaching hospitals in London, plus working at the cutting edge of optics in practices offering the best of optical care.

She says ' Donners is a great place to work, offering the best of professional skills in a caring environment'

At the helm of our ship is David Donner, a third generation of Donners in Optics.  The Leatherhead practice was originally owned by his father.  


David's wealth of experience in Opthalmology ensures you only receive the best of eye care in our practices, he also has specialisations in sports vision and dry eye.

A local lady always sure to great you with a smile, Wendy seems to know everyone who passes through the door ensuring you a warm welcome.

Laura began her career as a Dipensing Optician in Zimbabwe.  She has an extensive knowledge of the clinical and technical elements of optics, having spent over a decade delivering professional eye care. She even spent time in  a lens manufacturing environment.


Laura enjoys the family atmosphere of working from our practice in Bookham where she came after many years in our Leatherhead branch